"Jenny and her team organise the accounts department in our offices so we don't have
the worry of the day to day accounting tasks."

"We email the employee hours to them and they run our weekly payroll, provide payslips
and even file the year end return online so we received an incentive payment from the government."

"As long as we have a decent jar of coffee in the cupboard Jenny runs
the accounts department in our office very smoothly."

"We decided to expand our business and take on another member of staff. By outsourcing our accounts tasks to Jenny and her team we have made enough room in the office to accommodate the new staff member without moving to new offices."

"I was in a bad way, playing office games in order to overcome my phobia of bookkeeping

This was getting out of control and had become noticeable to my clients.

Fortunately Jenny and her team took over my bookkeeping before it was too late..."


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