How we help

We will efficiently AND cheerfully help you with

Payroll Services:

  • Processing of payroll dealing with tax and NIC deductions, statutory sickness pay, statutory maternity / paternity
    pay and preparation of payslips.
  • Preparation of year end returns and on-line filing
  • Preparation of forms P11d, returns of benefits
    and expenses paid
Bookkeeping Services
  • Writing up accounts records manually and computerised
  • Preparation of VAT returns
  • Assistance with setting up computerised accounts systems
Starting a new business?
If you need help to get the administrative side of your new business off the ground take a look at Help for New Businesses
Company Services
  • Company formations
  • Company Secretarial Work
  • Online filing of annual returns
  • Providing a Registered Office address
Taxation Services
  • Preparation of Self Assessment personal tax returns
    with supplementary pages & tax calculations
  • Preparation of Partnership tax returns
If you're losing control of the paperwork pile the video above shows 4 reasons why you should pick up the phone

Accounts Outsourcing Services

  • We offer the option to outsource your accounts department
  • We can collect and deliver all necessary data and provide you with the information you require to run your business successfully on a weekly or monthly basis
  • You will have a dedicated member of staff who does not require holiday pay or sick pay and is available from 8am to 8pm 6 days a week.

We will shortly be revealing the identity of a businessman who's playing golf instead of bookkeeping.

However, if this is you we will keep mum so long as you immediately pass your bookkeeping to us - as well as the jar and the golf ball

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